Wyoming Homeschool Laws

General Overview of the Homeschooling Laws in Wyoming

Wyoming is a state that has regulated the homeschooling program by dividing it into two main options: homeschooling under Wyoming’s homeschool statute; and homeschooling as a parochial, church, or religious school. By the state law of Wyoming, children between the ages of 7 to 16 have to attend school or comply with homeschool regulations.

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The homeschool diploma is seen as an equivalent and should be considered as sufficient proof of the completion of secondary education. A home-based educational program should comply with the regulations stated by Wyoming State Statute 21-4-101 (a) (vi).

Notification of Intent to Homeschool in Wyoming

Compared to some other states which have the homeschooling system strictly regulated, Wyoming State statute doesn’t ask for much other than meeting basic mandates. As soon as the homeschooling program begins (exact time is not instructed), the parent or a legal guardian should submit a notice of intent or a homeschool registration to the district’s education department and a local superintendent.

The letter should include the name and address of the parent, name, and age of the child, as well as the affirmation that the program will include the regulated curriculum as set out by the state.

Qualifications Required to Homeschool in Wyoming

Again, the state law doesn’t regulate this matter in as detailed a manner as some other states. As mentioned above, there are two regulated homeschooling options: one under a homeschool statute and one included in a parochial or a church. No law regulates whether the parent should have a high school diploma, GED, or an equivalent.

However, they are required to submit the letter of intent and provide the curriculum that will be taught to the child to the local board of trustees each year that lies ahead. The submitted curriculum should meet basic educational requirements and include subjects of reading, writing, literature, math, science, history and civics.

The most effective way of submitting the curriculum is by providing a copy to your local school district office. If you fail to submit this, the homeschooling program will not comply with the requirements, and any basic education acquired through it will not be considered as valid.

Number of Days/Hours of Instruction Required for Homeschoolers in Wyoming

The number of days that a homeschooler needs to be instructed for is a minimum of 175 during a one-year period. This regulation is very similar to how other states such as Maine, Pennsylvania, and New Mexico regulate the same requirement.

What Subjects Need to be Covered in Home Education (and for how long) in Wyoming

A homeschooling curriculum needs to include a number of subjects: reading, writing, math, literature, history, civics as well as science. All need to be done during the primary, secondary, and high school levels. Along with that, the state of Wyoming regulates a Moving Beyond the Page package which includes a range of additional programs that might help your child develop analytical thinking, creativity, and be a part of different independent programs.

As for accrued knowledge, there are certain standards regulated by the state of Wyoming: An example of an accrued education standard is writing a paragraph or basic math calculations. Additionally, there are standards that demonstrate application, memorization, and transfer of relevant knowledge. During each year, homeschool students are called in to participate in a free assessment test that covers English language, math, arts, and science.

What are the Recordkeeping Requirements for Homeschoolers in Wyoming?

As for the recordkeeping requirements, the state of Wyoming suggests that a parent/guardian should keep records of attendance, writings, books and materials, test examples, as well as a portfolio of work completed for at least two years for a child in the primary level.

Along with that, records relating to high school complying with homeschool regulations should be kept for life as proof both for the student and the person that was conducting the homeschooling program (in case any kind of investigation occurs).

Is Part-time Enrollment Permitted in Wyoming?

The question of part-time enrollment is left to particular districts and schools with the freedom to regulate it in their own determined way. While some district schools don’t allow for such a possibility, others do with a relevant application and approval from the superintendent. The school must determine which grade level the child is on for the relevant subjects as well as which credits can be transferred from the homeschooling program or if the child needs to earn those credits again.

Are Homeschoolers Permitted to Participate in Extracurricular Activities in Wyoming?

The question of available extracurricular activities and events is regulated in two ways. For high school activities, all students, even those who are homeschooled, have equal access to all the given clubs, as well as sports and music programs. On the other hand, a junior and an elementary school homeschooled student may be denied. This is decided separately by each district and school.

If the school allows extracurricular activities for homeschooled students, they will pay the same fees that public school students do. Children with disabilities are also able to use special services and testing facilities provided by a public school.

To receive more information about the homeschooling laws in the State of Wyoming, you may want to visit the Homeschoolers of Wyoming website.

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