Minnesota Homeschool Laws

General Overview of the Homeschooling Laws in Minnesota

Minnesota Statutes Annotated Section 120A.22 gives the definition of the role of parents in the education of the children or students. Under the said law, the child’s parent is the one mainly responsible for making sure that the student obtains the essential knowledge and necessary skills which are needed for effective citizenship. Minnesota law states that home schools also have the same services and responsibilities as that of private schools in Minnesota.

Notification of Intent to homeschool in Minnesota

When the child reaches seven (7) years old, the parent or legal guardian must submit the notification to the district superintendent in which the student resides by the 1st of October of each school year, or within fifteen (15) days from withdrawing the child from public school. The first notification to be submitted should include the name, birthdate, and address of each child being taught, the annual tests intended to be used only if required and upon request, the name of each instructor, and if applicable, the proof of compliance with teacher qualifications. Immunization report must be made by the parent or legal guardian in compliance for each child reaching seven (7) years old and again in the 7th grade. In each subsequent year, until the student turns 16, a Notification of Intent must be provided for homeschooling to continue and changes must be listed, if any, in the required information. In the event of moving out of the school district, a notification must be done to that district within fifteen (15) days of moving.

Qualifications required to homeschool in Minnesota

To be able to teach homeschool students in Minnesota, a person must be qualified. The persons automatically qualified to teach their children are their parents. If someone else is teaching the child, other than his or her parent, the person is required to have at least one (1) of the following:

  • A license in teaching issued by the state in the grade and field taught;
  • direct supervision of a licensed teacher;
  • successful completion of the examination for competency of teachers;
  • conducted instructions in a school recognized or accredited by the state board; or
  • a baccalaureate degree.

Number of days/hours of instruction required for homeschoolers in Minnesota

There is no number of days or hours of instruction required for homeschoolers under the law of the state.

What subjects need to be covered in Home Education (and for how long) in Minnesota?

The required subjects to be covered in home schools in Minnesota are math, science, reading, writing, history, government, economics, citizenship, geography, literature, fine arts, health, and physical education. Although there is no specific requirement for how often every subject must be taught or grade level requirement, it is recommended that each of the required subjects is taught at a level that is age-appropriate for such subjects each year during the elementary and middle school years. On the other hand, this is done at least once in high school.

What are the recordkeeping requirements for homeschoolers in Minnesota?

It is required by law in Minnesota to maintain documentation and records indicating that the required subjects are being taught. Proof that the tests required have been administered are also needed. The documentation should include schedules of class, copies of materials used for instruction, and the descriptions of ways used for the purpose of assessing student achievement. In accordance with the law, these records can be required and requested by a county prosecutor.

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It is also recommended that records of attendance, information on the textbooks and workbooks used, and student work samples must be kept. The parent or legal guardian of the child must keep these records for at least two (2) years. However, if the student is in high school, these records must be maintained for all four (4) years of high school.

Is part-time enrollment permitted in Minnesota?

Yes, part-time enrollment is permitted in Minnesota. Home school students must be allowed by resident public school districts to receive part-time special education services. A student who is not a resident of the district where the school is located can enroll as a part-time student. The student can only avail of the part-time aid if he or she is a resident of Minnesota.

Are homeschoolers permitted to participate in extracurricular activities in Minnesota?

Yes, homeschoolers are permitted to participate in extracurricular activities in Minnesota. Homeschool students in the state are allowed to take part in core courses that are non-elective in the public schools of the state, however, this is still depending on the decision of the school district. Minnesota Statute enables students who are homeschooled to join in “co-curricular activities” in the school district of their residence.

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