Kansas Homeschool Laws

General Overview of the Homeschooling Laws in Kansas

It is compulsory that children attend school by the time they reach the age of 7 years old. In order to start homeschooling in the state of Kansas, the teacher or the parent should be able to give a name to the school where the child will be studying. In addition, the government should acknowledge that name and address of the school.

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The body who is managing all concerns regarding the schooling of children in the State Board of Education. In Kansas, homeschool is considered a private school.

Notification of Intent to homeschool in Kansas

In order to express your intent for a child to be homeschooled in this state, the homeschool or the private school must be registered to the State Board of Education. To be considered as a private school, an individual interested must choose a name for the school and the address to where the school will be in. Once this is approved by the State Board of Education, this registration form should be kept at all times for future reference if ever the method of teaching will be questioned by other schools that the child wishes to attend to.

Qualifications required to homeschool in Kansas

To some extent, the statutes in the state of Kansas do not specifically identify who is competent to homeschool a child. Given this, there are some points that need clarification by the lawyers and the government authorities. However, it has been stated in the rules that a parent or a teacher must have at least a high school diploma or a GED (general educational development) certificate in order to be qualified as an individual who is fit to teach.

Number of days/hours of instruction required for homeschoolers in Kansas

In this state, the required number of days to educate a child in homeschooling is the same as the child who is educated in public schools. This being said, the usual time period that is given to instruction such as this is around a total of 186 days. This can be a few numbers of hours in a day, depending on how the teacher would want to teach and how the children would be able to cope with the given number of hours in a day to learn.

What subjects need to be covered in Home Education (and for how long) in Kansas?

As previously mentioned, there are no specific subjects indicated in Kansas homeschooling laws that should be mandatorily taught to all students. However, the parent also needs to keep in mind that the child should have enough knowledge to cope with his or her environment, where the child will have every opportunity to interact with other individuals who are not homeschool. Therefore, in general, students should be taught the usual subjects that are needed such as reading, math, writing, language, science, social studies, health, and history. The teacher has the option to add more to the curriculum of the student in order to help them reach their full potential, but there should always be the mindset that it is for the child’s development into an individual competent enough to be able to share his or her thoughts and talents with the rest of the world.

What are the record-keeping requirements for homeschoolers in Kansas?

While it is also not specified to keep a timed record of all the details of the progress of the child, it is recommended to do so. These records remain to be of great assistance when the child is being questioned or being evaluated on his or her proof of attending school. Usually included in these records is the attendance of the child, their used books, results of their exams and other important files that will show that the child has been provided good quality education that is at the same time compliant with all laws. These records remain to be valid and of use for at least the next two years, so this should be kept within that period.

Is part-time enrollment permitted in Kansas?

Yes, students are allowed to enroll in other schools. This being said, the students are given access to different courses and subjects that will further help with accumulating knowledge and experience. Part-time enrollment, however, is not required by this state and is seen as an additional opportunity for students to learn more. Either way, these schools can still give credit to the student as proof that they attended such courses for a specific time.

Are homeschoolers permitted to participate in extracurricular activities in Kansas?

Yes, extracurricular activities are encouraged for children who are homeschooled. Some ideas for these activities may be to take them to the zoo, engage in fitness classes, go to public libraries, or introducing the child to the arts. It is also important that the teacher or the parent sees what the child is passionate about and focuses on it.

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